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      1. Hello! Shenzhen Win-drive Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. welcomes you!
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        Shenzhen win-drive automation equipment co. LTD was founded in November 8,2011,located in Shenzhen China. 

        We have sales personnel and professional technicians with years of working experience. We are able to develop motion control systems independently.We can provide the best technical support and the most perfect system integration scheme for the majority of users that can make the users have better choices.The company currently operates: German NEUGART planetary reducer, German R+W coupling and torque limiter, STRRONSE rack and pinion and other high-quality products.

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        Tel: 0755-82113520, 13823217507  
        E-mail: sales@sz -windrive. com  
        URL: www.uqwwzr.com com  
        Address: room 708, MaoYuan building, No. 9, Songyuan Road, Guiyuan street, Luohu District, Shenzhen  


        Shenzhen Win-Drive Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.  ALL RIGHT RESERVED 粵ICP備12016317號